The IASD Master’s degree is a M2-level training program for students who are aiming for careers in research and development in the field of artificial intelligence and data science. The Master’s program recruits among the best students who have completed a first year of Master’s degree in computer science or mathematics. The Master’s program also recruits students in their final year of engineering school (or who have already obtained an engineering degree) in relation to the themes of the Master’s program. This is an international Master’s program, all courses are taught in English and a good practice of English is essential.

A selection will be made to retain the best applications, within the limit of available places (about sixty).

Opening of the application platform: March 29, 2024
Deadline for applications: June 10, 2024

(A second recruitment session is also organized with the deadline of August 26, 2024, but students are strongly advised to apply during the first session, as it is likely that only few admissions will be granted during the second session.)

To apply, submit your application on the MyCandidature site of Dauphine – PSL

Please also consult the pages providing general information on the Master’s program and on the admission procedures on the website of Dauphine – PSL.

International students must also submit their application on the Étude en France site, in addition to their application on MyCandidature.