About IASD

The IASD Master’s degree is a training program of PSL University, coordinated by its components University Paris Dauphine, École normale supérieure and École des Mines de Paris. The IASD Master’s degree offers a complete M2-level curriculum providing solid theoretical knowledge and good practical experience of state-of-the-art methods in artificial intelligence and data science. Backed by the research laboratories of PSL University and the Interdisciplinary Institute of Artificial Intelligence PR[AI]RIE, the IASD Master’s degree is a high-level training program leading to careers in research and development in public or private research laboratories or innovative companies.

The Master’s program selectively recruits students who have completed the first year of a Master’s degree in computer science or mathematics, as well as students in their final year of engineering school (or who have already obtained an engineering degree), and also students from comparable international backgrounds. The number of students is limited to around sixty.


The IASD Master’s degree consists of a common core semester on the fundamental disciplines of AI (from September to December; 220 hours of training – 30 ECTS) followed by a semester of options (from January to April; 160 hours of training – 20 ECTS) and a research internship (from April to September; 10 ECTS). The common core includes seven compulsory courses, while the second semester allows students to deepen their knowledge in six subjects chosen from about fifteen options. Students also have the opportunity to attend two intensive PSL weeks proposed by the DATA program at Université PSL. Optional refresher courses on mathematical and computer foundations are offered before the start of the common core courses in September. The courses take place in Paris at PariSanté Campus, innovation, research and teaching center dedicated to digital health, and are taught in English.


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Management Committee

Olivier Cappé (CNRS, DI ENS) — Director
Benjamin Negrevergne (Dauphine – PSL, LAMSADE) — Deputy Director
Pierre Senellart (ENS – PSL, DI ENS) — ENS Correspondent
Etienne Decencière (Mines Paris – PSL, CMM) — Mines Paris Correspondent

Educational Board

Jamal Atif (Dauphine – PSL, LAMSADE)
Alexandre Allauzen (ESPCI Paris – PSL, LAMSADE)
Francis Bach (Inria, DI ENS)
Yann Chevaleyre (Dauphine – PSL, LAMSADE)
Gabriel Peyré (CNRS, DMA)


Olivier Cappé (olivier.cappe@ens.psl.eu) – Director
Maxime Florens (maxime.florens@dauphine.psl.eu) — Administrative Assistant